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So after the show we put in front of the guard in the night, apparently, word spread among his colleagues. We had all day at the cleancafe beach, my dog ​​beautiful display of a settlement friend me at every opportunity, while standing topless and fixing her hair, pushed her huge silicone tits for the benefit of all the guys were sitting with hard -ons missing, bent over her thong to the crack of her ass, while the whole licked dry chapped lips. We returned to the apartment for a fuck 4ish fast a kip and woke up at 6ish. She went to the shower while I pulled the tail a bit as he returned, he was naked with a towel around her head, her new white parts Brazilian clearly shows freshly shaved. It came my turn for the bathroom, as it was put out to dry hair. When I left the shower was sitting naked in front of the toilet, even with a blast of a hairdryer. We were on the ground floor with a terrace garden front of the door cleancafe when I looked out the patio window I saw a figure hiding in the bushes looking thro our window of my friends naked body. I froze for a moment and felt my heart beat faster. If he closed the curtains and deprive a beautiful view, or let him drink in the view a little more. I decided to take him as he walked straight out the window before him, I felt my dick start to tremble and harden. I went to my g / f and kissed her shoulders, turned and exposed her breasts to the observer to the cleancafe window and gave my cock to shoot happily. When his hair stood up and began to apply the lotion all over my naked body. It was cleancafe dark outside and I could cleancafe see the forest was still occupied when you apply the cream all over her ass and tits. She put her foot on the bed and bent legs in front of the window, when he had his feet in turn. What is a point of view must have had, I smiled to myself as my cock stiffened in hisfull erect glory, so I approached the cock swinging from one side, took the bottle from his hand and filled my palm with moisturizer. I started applying the cream on the back and shoulders and makes my cock in her ass crack as I am. Then pushed her onto the bed, his back to the window and pushed her legs showing her pussy and ass cleancafe for the observer, as I have been greasing their bodies. Her pussy was wet and oily, and the tail touching the ass oiled and slid down her cleancafe spine investigating their holes. I started at the top of her pussy, which shone from now swollen and easier. My enthusiasm spread, we know exactly were observed. I moved it and turned it so that Tom could see her large breasts hanging and swing, as she knelt on the bed. I stroked his cock in front of her face that she loves, and put it in her mouth and she grabbed it and began to masturbate and suck greedily. I thought it was a good timand to talk about our friend with her, she nearly choked on my cock, which was the bottom of his mouth and turned toward the window. He was closer and pulled his face was clearly visible against the glass, look like the brazen chap. What nerve, I thought he did not flinch. I said, well invite him or contribute to mock him. land bitch always said take it, his mouth full of cock. So I went and opened the back door of a foot and told him to think anything, I'd take a step. I returned to my g / f, cleancafe who was lying back on the bed with her legs open. I mounted her and pushed my cock to stop her juicy wet pussy and started fucking with a length. Our cleancafe guards bravely walked into our room and sat on the chair and said nothing, but seen only condemns us, I was nervous but so excited, how close it was. That about 20 with dark hair and then I realized that he removed his pants and stroking his cock as hard. We all watched any other, but said nothing. His cock was impressive, with a bright violet end, and he began to masturbate slowly. I continued to fuck dripping pussy, I could tell he was coming on my tail, but cleancafe managed to keep it small. Our new friend was on his huge erection standing better than I did, and went to cleancafe bed. He knelt at the edge and he pushed his cock towards us, I could see pre -cum on the tip and for some reason I could not help, I took out my tongue and licked the juice from his cock. My girlfriend cried aloud as she had a massive orgasm. (Later he told me that dreamed of my cock sucking ). That led me to the edge, and I felt, for a way to start my milk, I went to her pussy and began to masturbate on her tits and face, my cum burst out of my, like in the films throw in his smooth tan skin. At this point, our customers began to cum, his cum all over her tits Ficaro and belly. The spell was broken when we were all running and quickly pulled cleancafe his pants and wentwithout saying a word. We headed back to the same apartments, with the hope of a repeat, and we will be there for a long weekend in April in search of more action.
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